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Traveling on business, for a honeymoon, during the holidays, nationally or abroad? We can help you plan the ideal trip or cruise excursion. In partnership with Totally Travel, LLC, The Planned Event makes travel planning easy! Whether you just need the research, want help booking the entire travel or cruise package or need a group escort, we are here for you! We specialize in:

  • Corporate, leisure and international travel
  • Family reunions and vacations
  • Destination Weddings and/or Honeymoons
  • Individual, affinity and specialty cruises
  • Travel Research Packages - Just don't have time to research or plan a vacation? We will do a comprehensive internet search and present you with the results... then, we'll you book when, where and how you like!
  • Travel Protocol - Tutorials in travel protocols and international cultures. Perfect for those who just need to know before they go!

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Tips for the International Traveler

  • Visit the U.S. State Department to obtain important safety information on the countries you are visiting prior to departure.
  • Remember to register with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (S.T.E.P.)
  • Nervous about what to pack? Visit TSA to see an up to date list of what is acceptable onboard and in your checked luggage!
  • Take two different types (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) credit cards and travelers checks. Note that some Debit Cards are not accepted worldwide.
  • Leave a photocopy of your passport at home or with a trusted person. Better yet, if you can, email a copy to yourself for ease of retrieval. Remember to safeguard your passwords!
  • Check and double check to be sure you’ll have enough money while away. Note that taxes and tariffs can rapidly eat away excess funds...research beforehand!
  • Keep foreign currency on hand during your trip. Avoid curbside money changers. Carry new bills and use any Rent transportation in the US to get lower rates.
  • Many international ATMs do not accept more than 4 digits and money will be dispensed in the local currency. Check with your bank for fees and rates.
  • Make sure the hotel guarantees their rates in US currency. Also verify that this is true for any packages you purchase.
  • Notify your cell phone provider before you depart! Some countries require special access for data and telephone access. Purchase one or more prepaid calling cards if necessary.
  • Travel with hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, a foldable face mask or handkerchief and any necessary medicines in your carry on!
  • Respect local culture and traditions. Research foods, liquor laws, and other culturally significant items of interest before departing, but don't assume everyone you meet will fall into your researched categories!