Protocol and Etiquette Training

Protocol: A set of rules governing civil behavior

Etiquette: Social graces which conforms to the rules of protocol

The Planned Event invites you to acquire the knowledge of a world-class executive through our protocol and etiquette seminars! Protocol training is conducted by Pamela Coopwood. Ms. Coopwood is certified as a Protocol Officer by The Protocol School of Washington®, the nation's leader in etiquette and protocol services.

Essential Business Etiquette (4 hours)

Protocol intelligence distinguishes you from the crowd. This course explains the significance of a handshake, proper introductions, dining skills, order of precedence and other business mannerisms.

Professional Presence (8 hours, combines Essential Business Etiquette and the Art of Fine Dining)

This workshop combines instruction in fine dining with the essentials of business etiquette interactions. Discover why conducting business with charm and savvy and empowers you as a professional.

The Art of Fine Dining (3.5 hours)

In this course, you will learn the art of eating and negotiating the dining table while still accomplishing the business at hand.

The Finger Bowl: The Art of International Dining (4 hours)

If your business requires international travel or dining, this course is right for you. You will discover different dining styles and how to partake in meals without offending your hosts.

The International Professional (8 hours, combines Professional Presence and The Finger Bowl)

Whether you are professional who travels abroad or the world comes through your door, understanding protocol is vital to your productivity. This course helps you to know and do the right things when engaging with other cultures.