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The Planned Event is now “Speaking of Protocol”

October 18, 2012, Fredericksburg, Virginia – The Planned Event, LLC has officially launched its companion company Speaking of Protocol, LLC. Offering training and seminars in business protocol and social etiquette, Speaking of Protocol is generating quite a buzz amongst professionals in all industries. The company’s CEO/President Pamela Coopwood is a certified Protocol Officer and graduate of the renown Protocol School of Washington®. Ms. Coopwood makes the time-tested rules of social interaction fresh and exciting with her unique and modern perspectives on the subject.

Speaking of Protocol empowers business professionals to exhibit a winning presence both within the United States and abroad. Protocol and etiquette training teaches participants how to conduct all of their affairs with charisma and tact. Using interactive classroom and lecture techniques, participants are challenged to rethink how and why they respond to social stimulus and whether the proper response is one of protocol, etiquette or manners. With the recent focus on bullying, civility in the workplace, a newly emerging workforce, and more emphasis on leadership and soft skills, protocol and etiquette training is appropriate for professionals at all levels, businesses of any size, and social or private affairs.

Ms. Coopwood states: “In today’s climate, the white gloves of decorum have been replaced with boxing gloves! Speaking of Protocol was created to make families, co-workers, communities, and the world polite again, one person at a time.”

Speaking of Protocol teaches the silent language of the accomplished professional…because it matters!©”

Contact: Pamela Coopwood, CEO
Company: Speaking of Protocol, LLC
Phone: 703-615-9525

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